We are committed to quality surgery, our main objective is the result. We believe that a surgery has to be as natural and undetectable as possible.

Hair Solutions in the Medecap Clinic


In our clinic we are interested in the hair health of our patients, individually evaluating each patient and we guide the treatment indicated in each case, making a timely and effective diagnosis by our specialists.
We are experts in the realization of hair transplant, mainly the FUE Technique which is the most advanced technique to offer a natural result as the only objective.



Design and surgery complement each other

The design is fundamental to obtain an appropriate surgery for each patient, the physiognomy has its importance in all hair transplantation.

In men and women

In Medecap we detect baldness problems

After the first appointment, we will make a diagnosis to offer you the most appropriate treatment for your problem. Trust our clinic. Our medical staff will evaluate your case in a totally personalized way to restore health to your hair.


Dr. Felicidad Espinosa

Degree in Medicine and Surgery (1986): Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Provincial Hospital of Madrid.

Master in Aesthetic Medicine (2008): Universitat de Illes Balears.

Master in Medicine and Hair Transplantation (2014): University of Alcalá (Madrid).

She is a Collaborating Professor in the Master’s Degree in Hair Transplantation and Medicine (University of Alcalá).

She belongs to the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) (member nº 1225) and the Association of Aesthetic Medicine of Castilla La Mancha (AMECLM).

Dr. Ana Belén Rodríguez

Degree in medicine from the University of Malaga in the class of 2006-2012

Master in aesthetic medicine from the University of Córdoba.

Master in hair medicine and transplantation from the University of Alcalá.

It is in constant training to continue advancing in new techniques.

Dr. Cristina Salazar

Degree in medicine and surgery from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Malaga.

Specialist in intensive care medicine.

Trichologist and hair surgeon. Master of Trichology and hair surgery from the Distance University of Madrid.

Author of more than 50 scientific publications, national and international.

Author of more than 15 chapters of books related to the field of health.

Resident intern of Family and Community Medicine in the District of Family and Community Medicine Málaga-Guadalhorce and Hospital Clínico Universitario Virgen de la Victoria (2015-2019).

Doctor of Critical Care and Emergency Device (DCCU) in The Health Center of Coín and District of the Guadalhorce Valley (June-October 2019).

Specialist physician in the Emergency Area at the Costa del Sol Health Agency (since March 2020).

Dr. Jorge Cano

Degree in Medicine from the University of Malaga (2007-2014).

Specialist in Family and Community Medicine (2015-2019) by the Virgen de la Victoria University Clinical Hospital.

External rotation in the Emergency Department of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital (Madrid) for training in emergency ultrasound (April 2018).

Expert in Serious Trauma Care from the International University of Andalucía. (2016-2017).

Master in Trichology and Hair Micrografting by the AMIR school of aesthetic medicine and endorsed by UDIMA (2020-2021).

Dr. Silvia García

Graduated in medicine and surgery from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Malaga.

Family medicine specialist.

Trichologist and hair surgeon. Master of Trichology and capillary surgery endorsed by the UDIMA.

Master in Aesthetic Medicine from the University of Córdoba. UDIMA

University Expert in Emergencies in Primary Care.




The skill in the FUE Technique and the material used in the surgeries are important.



The perfect tool to work densities and obtain a guarantee of naturalness in hair transplantation.


It is important to maintain attention and care so as not to deplete areas in any donor area.


A strict protocol is followed in all phases of a hair transplant, the FUE technique requires a work of many hours to achieve the objective of the surgery, a meticulous work where the doctor extracts the follicular units and later implants. All the work is done entirely by the doctor.



A hair surgery must have an optimal aesthetic change, mainly the naturalness has to be credible, for this, follicular units are extracted according to the areas to be implanted.





For a first assessment of your case, the ideal would be to fill out the form where you can include your photographs. As soon as we have it, the medical team will evaluate your case and we will contact you again to give you the diagnosis.