If you suffer from any allergies or illnesses, you should inform our medical staff, as it is very important for your safety.


It is necessary to present a recent blood test for our medical staff before the intervention.


If you use Minoxidil, you will need to leave it 15 days before the operation to avoid excessive bleeding and will not use it again until 1 month after surgery.


You should continue with Finasteride and not stop taking your usual medication (for diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, hypothyroidism, etc.) unless your doctor tells you to.


Seven days before the intervention, the intake of anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants will be eliminated. Do not take any vitamin complexes (especially vitamin E and B) or herbal products.

Beber agua

Drink plenty of water (1.5-2 liters). In some cases, if you are nervous, it is advisable to take an anxiolytic (consult your doctor).


The patient cannot have a cold, flu or acute asthma.

No Alcohol

The 3 days prior to surgery should not consume alcoholic beverages, stimulant drinks (caffeine, tea, Red bull ...) or nicotine.


You can not apply lotions or hair dyes three days before the intervention.

Lavar cabeza

You will need to wash your scalp and shower the night before or the same day before coming to surgery.

Medicina Medecap

Unless your doctor tells you to, do not stop taking your usual medication (diabetes pills, blood pressure, etc.).

Ligera food

You should eat only light, easily digestible foods on the day of the operation.


Appropriate clothing for transplantation should be clothing with buttons or zipper. Avoid bringing metal objects or jewelry.

Maquillaje y esmalte

Do not bring makeup or nail polish.


Mini Medecap

It is not advisable to drive vehicles back home, because you will be given medication that can cause drowsiness (it is advisable to go accompanied).

No Alcohol

Do not consume alcoholic or caffeinated beverages or smoke within three days of the operation.

Medicación Medecap

Take the medication indicated by our specialists (antibiotics, corticosteroids, analgesics ...). Do not take aspirin until 48 hours after the operation.


Until the first wash (3-4 days), a spray with saline serum should be applied every hour (except for the hours you are sleeping) to keep the follicular units well hydrated. If you notice itching, especially in the donor area, you can use thermal water or aloe vera.

Hielo seco

For 2-3 days it is advisable to put ice on the forehead for 10 minutes every 2 hours and then massage sideways without touching the receiving area (where the follicular units have been implanted).

Dormir Medecap

For 3-4 days you should sleep with your head higher than your body. It is best to sleep in a semi-sitting position at 45 degrees or use a travel cervical pillow to avoid going around a lot. It can support the donor area, but not the recipient area.

Agachar la cabeza

Avoid flexing your head forward, either when bending down (bend your knees and not your head), when looking at your mobile (raise your hands and do not lower your head) or use the computer.


Take special care in the area of the operation and above all avoid hitting or rubbing the area (when getting into the car).

Usar gorra

It is forbidden to wear a cap until the scabs are removed and then avoid its use, except in specific cases for a short time and that it is opened to allow ventilation of the scalp.

Casco moto

Avoid wearing a helmet (of any kind) until after 4 months.

Cuero cabelludo

It is very important not to touch the scalp to avoid contamination of germs both in the donor area and in the recipient area.


Be relaxed for 10 days after the intervention.


Avoid the sun for 2 or 3 months.

Avoid pool water for a month due to chlorine.

Do not exercise until 15 days after your transplant. Perform moderate exercise after 1 month.


Wait a month to cut the hair in the recipient area and 20 days for the donor area.

Do not use electric machine until after 4 months at least to avoid starting, use better scissors. From 1 month, you can use other hair products (dye, lacquer, wax, foam).