follicular unit
The follicular unit consists of:
  • From one to five capillary terminals.
  • One hair (rarely two).
  • Up to nine sebaceous glands (vital substance that conditions the hair and skin).
  • The erector pili muscle (responsible for the hair staying straight constantly).
  • The bulb (the living part of the hair where cells divide every 24-72hrs, faster than another part of the body).
  • The papilla (base of the follicle containing a perifollicular vascular plexus, and a neural perifollicular network).
  • And the perifolículo (a circumferential band of fine adventitious collagen that defines unity).
Hair characteristics

The hairs or hairs are grouped in the form of follicular units.

Humans possess approximately 90,000-150,000 hairs on the scalp that varies from person to person according to density.

Blond: 150,000
Brown: 110.000-120.000
Black: 100.000-110.000
Redhead: 90,000

Depending on the race there may be variations:
  • Europeans: Follicular units of 2-3 hairs
  • Asian: Follicular units of 1 hair
  • Black: Follicular units of 2 hairs