To achieve a totally personalized, perfect and satisfactory result, the design of the eyebrows is made according to the shape and size of the patient’s eyes and face and also according to their tastes and suggestions.

The implanters used for this type of treatment are 0.6 mm, so it is impossible to leave any type of scar. In addition, a detailed study of the direction of scalp growth and the angle of implantation of the incisions is carried out to the patient, with the aim of achieving a natural appearance and a correct density.

Eyebrow transplants are a good choice and a definitive solution without risks to get a hair that will last a lifetime. In Medecap no surgeries are performed on eyebrows.

Reasons for hair loss

  • Some of the most common and frequent reasons are trauma such as blows and burns; and bad habits like pulling the person’s own eyebrow hair.
  • Regular hair removal in the area.
  • Aging, depressive disorders and alopecia areata.
  • Lack of hair due to genetic causes (Congenital hypotrichia) or other autoimmune diseases such as systemic erythematous magnifying glasses.
  • Dermatological alterations (seborrheic and atopic dermatitis)
  • Medical or surgical treatments (chemotherapy and radiation therapy).


Beard transplantation is a technique with excellent results and which can be appreciated quickly.

The particularities of this type of hair are that the hair follicle is only composed of one hair and each of them grows in isolation; but the mustache and beard transplant is very similar to other hair grafts, since the hair of the nape of the neck is selected and implanted in the beard, with the peculiarity that the selected hairs have to be denser so that it resembles the natural hair of the original beard. Although the hairs of the nape of the neck and beard are not of the same caliber if they are set in the right angle and direction, the result is very natural.

Once the hairs of the beard are grafted, they fall out and at approximately three months they reappear according to the natural cycle of the hair, being able to do whatever you want with them, from shaving them to trimming them.

Also, the method is not painful, since it is performed with a small amount of local anesthesia and the next day the patient will be fully recovered.

The particularities of this type of hair are that the hair follicle is only composed of one hair.